Before you buy Bitcoin, please do this first!

Having a hard(cold) wallet is the most important step before buying cryptocurrency!

Many people have bought cryptocurrencies on online exchanges, but have ignored the important step of storing the currency in a wallet.

Hackers are everywhere on the internet and they are likely to break into the exchange platform and steal your currency. Or if the exchange goes bankrupt, your assets will never get back.

Cold wallet devices store your cryptocurrency keys offline, so this is the safest method.

There are several different types of cold wallets on the market, and some wallets only support specific cryptocurrencies. No matter which cold wallet you choose, remember to store your cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Never leave cryptocurrency on an online exchange.

What is a cold wallet?

The cold wallet stores the private key in the USB device in an offline state. This method has high security and prevents hackers from stealing your private key and currency through network intrusion.

Although the cold wallet is not free, I personally feel that it is very worthwhile to spend a small amount of money to protect my encrypted assets.

About Ledger Company

Ledger is a French company established in 2014.

Ledger is currently the largest cold wallet supplier in the market. Has been sold to more than 150 countries.

Ledger’s cold wallet supports more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies.

Ledger has developed its own application Ledger Live APP to safely manage your currency.

Only buy cold wallets through Ledger official website

Only buy cold wallets through the official website, and refuse to buy second-hand cold wallets.

In order to ensure 100% security of your cryptocurrency, always only purchase cold wallets through official website links. Other websites, such as brand new or second-hand cheap cold wallets sold by eBay, Amazon, do not buy it!

Because you cannot 100% confirm where the wallets sold by these online e-commerce sources come from, official purchases are double protection for your assets.

Ledger Nano X (New model) • Launched in 2019 • Big screen • Type C USB interface & Bluetooth function
Ledger Nano X (New model) • Launched in 2019 • Big screen • Type C USB interface & Bluetooth function

Ledger Types

Ledger Nano X (New model)
• Launched in 2019
• Big screen
• Type C USB interface & Bluetooth function
• Combined with Bluetooth communication, you can send and receive encrypted currency through your mobile phone.
• Silver black appearance
• Large memory capacity
• Support thousands of cryptocurrencies

Ledger Nano S (Old model)
• Launched in 2016
• cheap price
• Micro USB interface
• No Bluetooth function
• There are 6 appearance colors to choose from (transparent, fringe, blue, pink, light yellow, black)
• Support thousands of cryptocurrencies

I chose to buy Ledger Nano X because I especially like it has a Bluetooth communication function and can send and receive virtual currency through a mobile phone, which is very convenient.

Those who need a cold wallet must not miss the discount opportunities offered by the Ledger company!

I think Ledger wants to promote new models more, so Naro X will not charge shipping during the promotion period. But NaroS seems to charge shipping, you can go to the checkout page and pay attention to the shipping column!

Many people who invest in cryptocurrencies will buy combination packages or family packages. One of the wallets is used for the second backup, which is equivalent to double protection of your currency.

Again, never leave cryptocurrency on an online exchange! The currency on the exchange is not yours. The currency in your wallet really belongs to you.

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