Happiness starts with a cup of gratitude coffee

LuLu Pearl in Canada
2 min readJul 15, 2021


Happiness may not make you feel thankful, but a grateful heart will make you be a happy person. Gratitude is a simple way to increase happiness, joy, love, and optimism in our lives. Don’t you think so?

Why do we need to have faith to support us in believing in God?

you believe in, not to mention that you can completely change your current life or meet your needs, but the power of God can change your attitude towards things, so you can’t live happily, Your heart cannot live happily, because you cannot live a life choice in your own life happily.

Many people will think or complain that they have nothing, and imagine that if I have those, I can live happily. You should not want to start a happy life when it is no longer difficult. We should devote ourselves to what we have now, and tell ourselves that we know that we are happy and that we are in life.

Let gratitude spread throughout the world.

Be faithful in the small things or wills because it is them that your strength lies.