Rebooting yourself

LuLu Pearl in Canada
1 min readApr 25, 2021


Have you ever rebooted yourself?

you will find out that if you give yourself breathing time for 3 days,1day, even just 30 minutes or 10 minutes, it will bring reveals, wisdom, and spiritual truth.

Do you think that you are going backward? Or you feel angry, fearful, anxious, and don’t know what to do for your life?
It is totally okay if your life battery is low, goes down and down, and not fully charged at times. For me, sometimes I don’t even need any battery at all because Your brain and body all need to take a rest. And when you got the rest and discover the calm, peace, and joy, you feel life is not bad at all. it’s good.

Rebooting your life is a gift to yourself. Rebooting is an amazing action.

When you ready, then it is time to get back to optimum productivity of your life.