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Do you have a dream? Did you achieve yet? Have you reached your goal yet? Are you still waiting for the perfect time to come and then start your action?

1 income, work till 65 years old, do you really have enough money to live a life after retirement?

If your passive income from the network at home exceeds your annual living expenses, and then make money through investment and financial management, you can basically say goodbye to a 9–5 job and your boss forever.

That’s the power of passive income.

You know what? The perfect time never exists. You can’t assume you have a whole lifetime in front of you to do all the things you want to do so that the best time to do your desire thing is NOW.


But do you need to quit 9–5 full-time jobs to run your dream? It depends.

It depends on your savings, expenses, how strong and determined you are and how much risk you would like to take. Everybody is different, so you don’t need to compare with others’ goals. Ask yourself sincerely.

Whatever you decide to quit your 9–5 job, don’t assume you can accumulate income soon from your dream projects. In my case, it took me more than one year of work and zero cash flow to figure it all out. Sometimes lose hope but I always tell myself don’t give up. So the best thing is you really need to have a huge passion to execute your dream.

There are still too many things you don’t know. Don’t think you are so good and stop learning. No matter how good or how smart you are, you will need to always welcome to make mistakes ( even you don’t like mistakes) and learn from your mistakes. It sometimes involves emotional learning. That’s how humans become so strong.

I am not a smart person so I prefer to take one step by step, AKA: take baby steps.

I believe that everyone has heard the saying:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I emphasize baby steps because most people attempt to take a great leap forward. It's like how do you properly eat an elephant or a cow? I am sure you will have one small bite at a time, right!? unless you have a very big mouth.

Warren Buffett once said:

Nobody wants to get rich slowly.

How babies can learn a language so fast that’s because they build the fundamental really well. Babies don’t take short cut to learn new things. The same thing as your dream. Please treat your dream well, be patient and the details and be kind to yourself. When you put your best effort into baby steps and will realize that you are able to walk and then run. That’s awesome. And don’t forget to admire yourself: I am proud of you.

One thing, you need to keep in mind. Not only work hard but work wiser.

If you have a dream in your heart, remember Nike’s slogan:



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